The Bottom Line IS that DJT cannot under Any Circumstances be Permitted to Win Re-Election in 2020.

The Feral DC democRat States installed their Coup Gov while Persecuting Jan 6'ers, now Ongonig for 3 Years.

And 2024 ??? Sure, they/them are Just Going to Accept We/Me/You Votes ??? even after the 2022 sElection's Flagrant Frauds ??? (AZ in particular)

We Remain either Ignorant of these Obamaite Bolsheviks Lust for Power to Eliminate Any Opposition, Or willfully illusional.

We have Yet to See the Extreme Extent of Turmoil and Travails awaiting Us in 2024. CYA, Comrades

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Read Countdown to Chaos cover to cover. Well worth it. Lots of ideas we are implementing

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We cannot fix our elections until we return to a Republic Form of Government. It is then that the Townships can instruct their counties to have an election DAY with Paper Ballots and Voter ID !!!

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