Scott County, IA November 2022 House District 81 - ES&S machines added votes during a recount that only were caught because the Republican candidate demanded a hand recount after the two machine counts differed from each other and had different winners!

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The How is not allowed because the machine companies refuse to allow inspections of the programming. Plus most States will not allow inspections of the original ballots. In FL by law the original ballots cannot be inspected unless the vote margin between candidates in less that 1/4 of 1%. If this was a home with many dead bodies the home would be red taped and the government would step in and STOP any further use. Same should apply to the voting machines that produce tens of thousands “dead votes”. We need action to stop the dead vote production by the programmable voting machines. Period!

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Did You Know!!!

How can “tens of thousands” of votes be labeled Blank Ballots?

Especially when the machines are to reject the ballots if they are truly blank. This is the “Achillies” heel of the argument to trust the voting machine results. How can we trust our vote is accurately counted when it may be recorded as a Blank Ballot?

The Official Results from the 2020 General Elections reported on form EL45A for Lee County, FL are 22,661 Blank Ballots; Broward Co, FL are 56,915 Blank Ballots; Orange Co, FL are 22,719 Blank Ballots; Montgomery Co, MD are 41,680 Blank Ballots; Baltimore Co, MD are 26,845 Blank Ballots; Maricopa Co, AZ will not disclose. Most States will not disclose the line item for Blank Ballots on form EL 45A.

This is Proof Positive the machine results cannot be trusted. You don't know if your vote was accurately counted, or the machine switched it to a Blank Ballot.

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Immediately after the election, I did a statistical analysis of the real-time vote counts in battleground states. The analysis got millions of page-views, because it freaks people out when they see it.


While not directly related to voting machines, it highlights the vulnerabilities in the "Voting Supply Chain" that Marc Elias and other Democrats incessantly try to exploit.

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Dominion machines November 2022 in Windham, New Jersey: Rockingham District 7 State Representative race where 8 candidates ran on two slates of 4 on each slate. Important Note: one of the auditors, Harri Hursti, says candidate names are said to rotate between ballots! That means the errors amongst candidates will be random if caused by ballot artifacts! Yet a intelligently designed pattern was proved instead of random errors! Each Republican candidate on the [winning] Republican slate had 300 (+/- 1%) votes stolen by the machines while the leading Democrat candidate was gifted 100 (+/- 1%) votes by the machines. NOT RANDOM ERRORS where the candidate names were randomized in their order, so they could not have been caused by folds in mail-in ballots like the idiots are claiming...including Harri Hursti.

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Pollworker1 “Sir, the system says you already voted”.

Voter1 “That’s impossible”

Pollworker2 “Yah, that’s been happening all morning long and nobody knows why”

Makes ya wonder how California was able to tally state votes so quickly.

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Voting machine= 2. 1, machine= system =" a way of working, organizing, or doing something which follows a fixed plan or set of rules. You can use system to refer to an organization or institution that is organized in this way." Ie. Legal systems, medical systems, criminal system, political system, agricultural system and obviously the electoral system+++. And by having control these systems (which was definitely captured and POW) phycological war tactics went 0-100 real quick. Example: I was brainwashed to hate a man I never met, did business with, had any hate towards his in all my years living and know of this man but, the day he said he was running for president it like was used as a mouth peace to shame this man. Saying words I've never used before i.e narcissist, fascist, womanizer, dictator, anti women Rights, and calling niggas racist (calm down IAM a negus). Seriously I lived in the hood the majority of my life. So calling people nigga/negus was natural (all races) and calling "the police" (policy enforcers) crackers was also natural. I caught myself calling that same man the system demonized racist lmfao. Whatta hypocrite huh? What abolished the brainwashed/hypnotizing spell that was strategically places on me+society, a simple question, someone asked me one day.... It was "WHY DON'T YOU LIKE TRUMP?". When I couldn't answer that question logically with fact that's was when I realized. I realized the machine/system went kamikaze because, "NCSWIC" (Central to the National Council of Statewide Interoperability Coordinators) or "nothing can stop what is coming". The machine coordinators created a system that was/is used to brain wash their enemies/slaves/prisoners system. Why? Power/control. How? Anyway possibly/cheating/ black male/ phycological warfair/technically warfair/ physical and spiritual warfare. Where? Everywhere (literally). Who? WHO+++ etc...... I hope y'all get it. FYI I'm not racist lol. Love ya jovhan. Also... I need a job, any suggestions? EM=ME=IAM

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So you're saying that until we can watch software machine language instructions run with our eyes that we can't allow our brains to realize the outcome is provably wrong? Obviously you can't watch machine language code run without an analyzer attached directly into the data and address buses of an old-school CPU. I'd venture a guess such a thing is impossible with more modern CPUs

The HOW is by coming up with the wrong counts from SOFTWARE OUTCOMES after proving they CAN count perfectly (which they do prove with test runs, as you know). Even if you can acquire the high level source code or c++ source code, they can insert machine language code snippets within. If that's what you personally require, we can't prove that just because a machine language snippet is found that it actually got executed. So are you instead trying to say that the machine counting BEHAVIOR needs to be solidly characterized to reverse engineer/infer the algorithm to the Nth degree?

Here's what I think you want - you want a software developer for "them" to blow the whistle with source code. So do I. I live in Omaha, close enough to ES&S to have met one or two of their developers. That company is very siloed, as you can well imagine. It would require more than a single developer to have enough of the software to testify beyond a reasonable doubt. Yes, there will be a person or few who know enough, but those people will be entrenched, solidly and forever part of the problem.

Please don't think I'm trying to discourage you. I'm simply trying to keep you (and us) thinking until we get that correct answer. What am I doing, you might ask. I'm hammering on the county Board of Commissioners of ES&S' home county. After months of nagging them and nagging the county Board where our state capital is located, I've become somewhat hopeful that the county risk manager might be a vital step in the solution. More info on request, or look through my substack.

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