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1 Year Ago The Day Inventor Jovan Hutton Pulitzer Introduced The World To Full Forensic Audits

Why Are You Really Here 1 To Piss Off The Left 2 To Fight Back 3 To Save Those Who Need Truth

On The Mend Ask Me Anything

Holy Smolle - Critical Hate Theory

Can Politicians Be Prosecuted For Crimes - How And When

KleptoCrats And Their Kleptocracy How Politicians Steal YOUR Money

How 1847 Changed Your Life And Began Killing America

The Sinister Battle For Our Guns - 2nd Amendment

How Government And Education Institutions Plan Secular Suicide Of American School Children

How The Left Weaponized Social Media And How To Fight Back -

How The Left And Satan Destroys America And THE REAL BIG LIE

Psychological Warfare Part 3 -Combatting And Protecting Yourself Against Propaganda

Psychological Warfare Part 2 - The Rising Threat Of Social Media As A Tool Of Modern Warfare

What Exactly Is Psychological Warfare How Does It Work?

Cut The Crap W2 - 111921 - History Of Republican Party

Cut The Crap W2 - 112421 Mass Media The True Weapon Of Mass Destruction

Cut The Crap W2 - 112521 Tisquantum's Thanksgiving - The True Story Of Thanksgiving

Cut The Crap W2 - 112221 - Rittenhouse Verdict and Media Misdirection And Madness

Cut The Crap - Cancel Culture and Woke Rowling - Handicapping Harry Potter

"Cut The Crap - How Politicians Get Compromised and Ghislaine Maxwell" LIVE w/ #JovanHuttonPulitzer

Cut The Crap -Sabotage At The Kenosha Klown Show

Cut The Crap - How Long To Get Election Prosecutions

Cut The Crap - The Kenosha KonFlict and Hoax

Cut The Crap - What Are Phantom Voters?

Cut The Crap - So You Think Elections Are Safe

Cut The Crap -There Is No Such Thing As Voter Fraud Yeah Right

Cut The Crap How Propaganda Works!

Cut The Crap W1 - 002 - 110921 - The Kenosha Killer

Cut The Crap W1 - 001 - 110821 - Project Veritas Biden Journal Nazi Germany And Propaganda War

Wisconsin Nursing Home Caught Stealing Votes From Disabled!

New Audit Numbers Released and Wisconsin is in DEEP DOO DOO!

Critical Race Theory and The Critical Nature of It's Propaganda

Retrospective: The History Of Free Speech In America w/ #JovanHuttonPulitzer

This Day In 1777 The Turning Point In Independence

Cut The Crap DC Dumbing Down The Public and Ignoring The Madness In Maricopa

The Cost Of Our Freedom Blood And Ballots

Suppressing The Soul Of America How It Happened And What You Can Do About It

Transparency And Audits What's Going On?

Learn To Read Between The Lines In Arizona Audit Information

Leaked Document Being Used To Distract From Real Findings

Historic Or Hysterics Is There Such A Things As Voter Auditor Intimidation

Az Audit Madness You Moved Mountains In Maricopa But There Is More Hard Work To Do

Live California Recall Vote More Equal Protection Under The Law

The Voting Dead It Is A Real Thing

57.3% Say Fraud Played A Role Now The War Of Words Begins

Has The Election System Backdoor Been Exposed

Mayhem In Maricopa The Numbers Don T Lie And Death Of Team Members

Swapped Votes Dropped Votes Phantom Votes And Why They Don T Want You Seeing The Ballots

Are Secret Codes Hidden In Official Papers Hear The Truth W Jovanhuttonpulitzer

Ask Me Anything Live Right Now The Truth May Hurt

How Lawmakers Work Against You In Audits And More

Election Audits And 4 Words To Smoke Out Political Rats

Judge Seals Damning Dominion Report Exposing Vulnerabilities

5 Million Dollar Hack Bounty How Is It Going So Far

Do You Know WHO The Signers Of The Declaration Of Independence Were What Happened To Them Find Out

Election Integrity, How It Is Broken and How It Can Be Fixed!

Our Warrior

What? 28% Of The Ballots Cast Were Not Counted! #WTF

Is Social Media Your Professor Or Your Energy Vampire Plus New Election Info

Free My Willy - How The Media Manipulates Stories REAL INTERVIEW Comparison

Historical Look Back Court Cases Voter And Election Fraud

Bernie The The New Nostradamus? How Did He Know The Results In Advance?

Is Woke The New Broke! Wokeism The New Mask Of Racism! W JovanHuttonPulitzer

James Collier - Votescam the Stealing of America

2012 Russia Election Broke The Rules And The USA Just Repeated Them - Get The Facts

Donald J Trump Sued Under Ku Klux Klan Act Of 1871

Election Audit Lies and How To Audit Lying Politicians w/ #JovanHuttonPulitzer

Acquitted Again Now What How Does America Move Forward

Find The Fraud - I Will Fix This - Busted Ballots w/ #JovanHuttonPulitzer

Arizona Sold Out The Republic Did They Certify Election Games Forever

Stopbitching Use Critical Thinking Legal Proof Of Election Fraud

Battle Of The Ballots This History Of Mail In Voting And The Upcoming Scotus Sessions

Was Your Vote Canceled? OR Are You Now A Canceled Voter?

Jovan Hutton Pulitzer | The Prolific Inventor On Why Crisis Presents Opportunity